2022 Virtual Parenting Conference

Parenting Conference 2022

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Presentations and Bios

Robin D
Robin is a La Leche League Leader, a doula and birth photographer, and also a Pastor: but her most prized title is “mummy”. She has a creative and bold 6 year old daughter, and a calm and curious 18mth old son. Robin spent 7 years in Ghana and is passionate about cultural intelligence, diversity and representation. For fun she loves to garden and go on family hikes in the woods.

Allison B
Allison is a very proud mama of 2 girlies. Marleigh is 8, she is homeschooled and Emmylou is 3. They are a farm family living on 10 sweet magical acres north of Toronto. Living in tune with nature is a major value of mine and something she continuously study and develop. So naturally breastfeeding my babies was a big yes for her. Allison had 2 very different births and breastfeeding experiences with her girls. Both beautiful, so sacred, and something she is very grateful to have experienced.

Alongside caring for her family, Allison tends to  horses, chickens, dogs and cats. She practices qigong, am learning about permaculture and regenerative farming practices. Allison shares the work with her beloved partner of 11 years and is the most proud and grateful of the incredible community they are blessed to be a part of. Allison lives for good parties, golden hour, moms cookies and understanding the depths and intricacies of relationships between all creatures and beings.

Kayleigh M
Babywearing and breastfeeding have been more than just attachment for Kayleigh; what it means to her reconnecting with her culture, but also how she uses it to live as the type of parent she always dreamed she would.

Kayleigh, mother to two who resides in Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. Before her son was born she knew she wanted to try to be one of those moms with her baby strapped to her body. It always seemed that those babies were so calm and comfortable, and those parents always had their hands free! This appealed to her general busy nature. William was in his first baby carrier (a stretchy wrap) by the time he hit twelve hours old.

As her obsession for babywearing grew, so did her desire to find a product and brand that fit her wants; eco-conscious, company that gives back, parent-owned and operated, handmade, and cute! She made my first sling to fit these wants and more, and so Heritage Baby Designs was born.


Danielle F

Danielle Facey, AKA The Breastfeeding Mentor, talks about how 60-90% of mothers stop breastfeeding before they want to do so. She unpacks the misconceptions, myths and the lack of support which contribute to this and shares practical advice to help mothers everywhere breastfeed on their own terms, for as long as they choose.

Danielle is a writer and speaker on a mission to help moms everywhere breastfeed on their own terms for as long as they choose. Her book, ‘Self Care: The Breastfeeding Edition,’ is full of practical advice rooted in yogic philosophy and psychological theory to help moms everywhere look after themselves as they look after their little ones.

Aimee C
Supporting families in Labrador often means supporting parents that are far from their own support systems, parents that have been separated from their infants, or dyads returning from a hospital hours away by plane. In 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, presenter Aimee Chaulk went through the experience herself, when her hours-old infant was precautionarily transferred to the NICU in St. John's, 1000 kilometres away--without her or her partner. Aimee and John spent six days trying to get Aimee reunited with her baby, and then had to build a new breastfeeding relationship once they were together again. Aimee will talk about how support made all the difference to her when she was going through this traumatic experience, as well as how parents and newborns are often separated from their support systems in remote, Indigenous, and Northern communities.

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