BC One-on-one Support

Call (778) 282-1184 between 10am and 4pm Mon-Fri to leave a voicemail message only and a Leader will call you back within 24 hours.

Below is a list of local groups and different ways to contact them (phone, text, email, social media)


100 Mile House / Williams Lake

LLLC Leader(s): Veronika, Vanessa, Kris

Contact Email: v.mcintyre@live.caddillio@yahoo.cadobynskr@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-296-4649, 250-397-2698

Facebook/Instagram: La Leche League 100 Mile House Williams Lake  



LLLC Leader(s): Michelle,  Lana

Contact Email: mdennill@me.com, tlhergott@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 604-824-1732, 604-819-8083



LLLC Leader(s): Tracey, Roxanna

Contact Email: tracey@frenchtracey.com

Contact Phone: 778-302-5508, 604-600-7541


Fort St James

LLLC Leader(s): Brooke

Contact Email: brooke.eschuk@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-996-8996


Fort St John

LLLC Leader(s): Carly

Contact Email: carly.friesen@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 250.262.5984


Haida Gwaii

LLLC Leader(s): Emma

Contact Email: emma.mt@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 250-626-7688 (text available)


Sunshine Coast

LLLC Leader(s): Analyn, Alison, Breanne

Contact Phone: 604-323-3093, 604-399-0093(text available)



LLLC Leader(s): Kelly

Contact Phone: 250-579-8299



LLLC Leader(s): Ingrid, Jessie, Candice

Contact Email: ingrid.tilstra@lllc.ca, jessie.davis@lllc.ca, candice.young@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 250-317-6892, 250-470-7858(text available), 250-878-9644(text available)

Facebook: LLLC Kelowna



LLLC Leader(s): Erin, Rhegan, Gillian, Julia

Contact Email: langley@lllc.ca, erin.leinbach@lllc.ca, rhegan.patrick@lllc.ca, gillian.gardner@lllc.ca, julia.chen@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 604-897-0823, 604-612-7745, 604-616-7657(text available), 604-600-8682(text available)

Facebook: La Leche League Langley


Maple Ridge

LLLC Leader(s): Tracey, Nicole

Contact Email: Tracey@frenchtracey.com, icnicole@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 778-302-5508 (text)



LLLC Leader(s): Heather, Bridget

Contact Email: hltdean@yahoo.ca, bdeighton@shaw.ca

Contact Phone: 250-753-2577, 250-754-5853



LLLC Leader(s): Meghan, Catherine, Judy

Contact Email: nelson@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 250-777-1972


New Westminster

LLLC Leader(s): Lana

Contact Email: lana.vugteveen@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 778-878-1346 (text available)

Facebook: New Westminster Group



LLLC Leader(s): Lesley

Contact Email: parksvillequalicum@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 250-390-5184



LLLC Leader(s): Sandra

Contact Email: sandra.yates@lllc.ca 

Contact Phone: 250-494-1894


Prince George

LLLC Leader(s): Rowena

Contact Email: prince.george.lllc@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 778-415-3186


Salt Spring Island

LLLC Leader(s): Melinda

Contact Email: saltspringisland@lllc.ca



LLLC Leader(s): Colleen, Caylan

Contact Email: shuswap@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 604-815-1585



LLLC Leader(s): Kimberly, Vanessa

Contact Email: lllsquamish@icloud.com, Vanessa.senecal@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 604-722-0108, 778-970-0280


Sunshine Coast

LLLC Leader(s): Alison

Contact Phone: 604-399-0093 (text available)


North Delta / Surrey

LLLC Leader(s): Shawna

Contact Email: shawna.symons@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 604-430-4046 (text available)

Facebook: La Leche League - North Delta/Surrey 



LLLC Leader(s): Lise, Leticia

Contact Email: liseluppens@yahoo.ca, lkistamas@hotmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-615-1458, 250-635-4177


Vancouver East

LLLC Leader(s): Ailbhe ('Elva')

Contact Email: ailbhe.smyth@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 778-870-0970 (text available)

Facebook: La Leche League East Vancouver


Vancouver Westside

LLLC Leader(s): Eva

Contact Phone: 604-873-0770



LLLC Leader(s): Aimee, Sarah

Contact Email: Vernon@LLLC.ca

Contact Phone: 250-463-1064, 604-240-4204


Saanich Peninsula

LLLC Leader(s): Darlene

Contact Email: helpformum@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-889-2083


Victoria / Esquimalt

LLLC Leader(s): Janice, Kelsey

Contact Email: janice.miles@me.com, kelsey.norllund@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-882-3329


Victoria Central

LLLC Leader(s): Uschi, Ruth

Contact Email: Uschi.Leslie@shaw.ca, ruth.mcall@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 250-595-4453, 250-588-9772


Victoria West Shore

LLLC Leader(s): Pam

Contact Email: p2j2@shaw.ca

Contact Phone: 250-478-0073, 778-533-3631(text available)



LLLC Leader(s): Kimberly, Vanessa

Contact Email: whistler@lllc.ca

Contact Phone: 604-722-0108, 778-970-0280


To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society