Breastfeeding Triplets

My breastfeeding journey began when I gave birth to my first daughter, Tayla. I was 21 years old and completely naive about breastfeeding. I had no role models, support or information, I just somehow knew I was going to do it. My nipples were inverted and I had no help or advice with latching so ended up with severely cracked nipples. I called La Leche League for help with latching, then expressed milk for a week or so until my nipples were healed and then carried on with breastfeeding.

Be Determined, Be Informed, and Trust Your Instincts!

When I had my first baby, I was very determined to breastfeed even though I had barely seen anyone breastfeeding while growing up in France. None of my family members (mother, aunties, cousins) had breastfed their babies nor did any of my friends with the exception of my sister-in-law. She breastfed her three boys until they were almost two (but people looked at her like she was an alien). But from what I had gathered through my antenatal classes and the information I had researched online, I was convinced that breastfeeding was the best for my baby.

Second Time Around

"I am so thankful that I became a part of my local La Leche League group. Without the support, information and contacts of the group, my second breastfeeding experience may not have been so positive." Read more about one mother's challenging experience breastfeeding her second baby in this week's blog here.

A Look Back: A Whole New Way of Life

What was it like breastfeeding a baby twenty-five years ago? Well, much more difficult than it is today in some ways and pretty much the same in others. We've learned that needs can’t be put off to some convenient time, and it’s how we tend to those needs today is already determining the shape of tomorrow. Read more here in this week's LLLC blog post A Look Back: A Whole New Way of Life.

To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society