Breastfeeding in hockey skates: a different kind of "hat trick"

She shoots. She scores. She breastfeeds! (Well, of course!)

What could be more Canadian than an afternoon of hockey on the ice with your pals? Albertan Serah Smalls, of Grand Prairie, took a break from her game to feed her 8 week old daughter in her hockey pants and skates. Her beautiful photo, has gone viral across the country and around the world as a celebration of breastfeeding in our everyday lives. Read more here.

Thank you, Serah for showing us you really can breastfeed, anywhere, anytime! No matter what the score was, you and your baby won.


Mother breastfeeding her eight week old daughter in a hockey change room uncovered while wearing her hockey shorts, socks and skates.


"I have been so scared to post this photo that I absolutely adore. Why? Because society has made breasts sexual. After sharing the photo with a lactation consultant that has helped me and Ellie, I have come to realize that it should not be something to be ashamed of but proud of. I have a really hard time feeding Ellie covered and have chose not to cover her at all. Although at times I feel the burn of judgemental eyes I feel more empowered than anything to be able to meet my babies needs the way my body intended. I have really struggled with accepting my new body as I have always had that athletic build. I have played hockey my whole life and when I found out I was pregnant I signed up to play in two tournaments in March trusting that my body would just "bounce back". Well this weekend I played 4 games with a short bench and really learnt how different my body really is I felt slower and lost at first on the ice. My body wasn't doing the things my brain thought it could. But I have never been more proud of myself and my body. Forgetting my pump created all new challenges for me as well. I felt my milk come in and leak as I played and between periods I would strip down to feed my 8 week old babe. Being a mom is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy I got to do something I absolutely love while still meeting my babies needs. Our bodies are amazing and this weekend was the first time I truly appreciated mine.

Feel free to share the only way to normalize breastfeeding is to show that it can be done anywhere, anytime!"


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