Breastfeeding in Hot Weather

Hot Weather
Exclusive breastmilk is all your baby needs in the first six months, as long as breastfeeding is well-established, even on very hot, humid days. Amazingly, your milk will adjust to ensure that your baby gets all the fluids needed to stay hydrated. Water does not have any calories or nutrition. Any water you give your baby takes the place of breastmilk in her tummy. This means that she will drink less of your milk at the next feeding. Breastmilk quenches your baby’s thirst and provides valuable nutrition and calories at the same time. You may find that your baby might nurse a little more frequently in hot weather. Remember that the more milk your baby drinks, the more milk your body makes. Nursing your baby frequently, and not giving your baby any other liquids, including water and juice, will maintain your milk supply.

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