Best For Babies Prenatal Classes

Breastfeeding Classes

These breastfeeding classes have been specially developed to meet the needs of expectant parents and are facilitated by accredited La Leche League Leaders. Receiving good information and practical tips prior to the birth of your baby will better prepare you and your partner for when it comes time to breastfeed your new baby. These classes cover the importance of breastfeeding, how to avoid and overcome challenges as well as life with a newborn breastfed baby. Best for Babies classes are also a great place to meet other breastfeeding families as you start your parenting journey.

To see if there are classes being held in your community click here: Best For Babies-Breastfeeding Classes


Photo of a pregnant mom

To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society