The City's Biggest House Garage Sale!

Ruth McAllister with the Victoria Central Group in BC shares some wonderful stories from her fall Group Garage Sale. Her Group brought in over $3,000!

"I sold a hernia truss and a Viking costume to 3 slightly drunken men going to a stag party. We laughed SO hard. One woman came up to me and said “YOU! You came to my house 25 years ago and helped me breastfeed!! We always talk about you! You saved my life!” The next day she came with her daughter who thanked me. The people who only had a bit of money who went away with an armload and a big smile. The early birds who cheerfully helped haul things off of my stuffed basement. The neighbour who asked if I had a Danish dough hook for her to make sourdough. She’d been looking all over town for one and even went to IKEA in Vancouver. Of course I had one! She brought me some bread a few days later. The older women who told me stories about going to LLL meetings many years ago and how disappointed that their daughters didn’t go.

One mini van slammed to a stop and the daddy leaped out, excited beyond words that we had a dehydrator. Except we didn’t. He was part way through dehydrating kilos and kilos of apples for apple chips and his dehydrator had packed it in. So I lent him mine. A week and a half later I found the dehydrator at my back door with a bag of apple chips.

A UVic prof who I helped breastfeed made a documentary about a community market garden run by women in South Africa. Two of the gardeners plus their translator were here in town and VERY COLD. So I invited them over to look through the clothes before the sale (we always get HEAPS!) and help themselves. They had a great time and took some enormous bags and the UVic prof gave a generous donation!

After the 3 1/2 day sale I leave the leftovers on the curb for free. I call them The Vultures. I love them. Whole families come and sift and sort and fill their cars and have some fun."


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