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Tax Receipts are issued annually if the total of the eligible donations over a full calendar year is $10 or more. The tax receipts are sent early in the following calendar year.

We appreciate your financial support of La Leche League Canada's programs and activities for breastfeeding families in communities across Canada.  We are proud to make breastfeeding information and support accessible to every family through a combination of in-person meetings, phone support and our website. 

You can use this form to make a one-time donation on-line using any major credit card. Please consider becoming a monthly donor. Monthly donations provide a stable funding base for our programs. 

If making a donation by cheque please send it to:    La Leche League Canada, PO Box 307, Silton, SK S0G 4L0

Tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 or more.  

Donors are recognized as "Friends of LLLC"

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Your donation helps all of LLLC, including sustaining local Groups and establishing new Groups. 

Thank you for joining LLLC's team of financial supporters.                                                                        


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September 30, 2017 - 10:30am
LLLC - Truro friends and family will be rockin' and rocking at the Truro Farmers Market. Participants will collect pledges. Donations will be encouraged. We will have a display and a play mat.
Truro Farmers Market Truro , NS
Nova Scotia