What can I do to avoid getting mastitis or a breast infection?

While many mothers can completely avoid mastitis without extra thought, a few mothers have to be more careful. First, make sure your baby is latched on well so that you avoid cracked nipples and there is no way for germs to get in. Mastitis is much less prevalent when mothers feed their babies as frequently and for a long as the baby wants, i.e. on cue. If your baby suddenly changes his sleeping and eating pattern, your breasts will need to adjust to longer stretches without being emptied. Listen to your body: express a little milk, or wake the baby, if needed. Your body will figure out a balance with time. Avoid unnecessary activities and listen to your body’s signals that you may be doing too much. Rest when your baby naps.  Eating nutritious whole foods can help you stay healthy.  Make sure that your bra and other clothing are not too tight, especially when your breasts are full of milk.

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