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Note: If you are a Leader or Leader Applicant and cannot access the Leader Resources, you may need to renew as a Leader or your LA fees may have expired. Please contact your ACL or Leader Accreditation support person for the link to renew or pay on-line. If you believe you have renewed or your LA fees have been paid, please contact adc@lllc.ca to follow up. Thank you.

In Praise of La Leche League Leaders

  • Leaders have been at the forefront of supporting breastfeeding families for over 50 years. 
  • 400+ Leaders are in every province and territory of Canada. 
  • Leaders provide breastfeeding information and support through in-person meetings, by telephone, e-mail, social media, on-line/print publications, Breastfeeding Referral Line, and via our website. 
  • Leaders lead in-person meetings in 158 Groups across Canada 
  • Leaders spend one-on-one time by phone or in-person 
  • Leaders introduce LLLC to parents at community events 
  • Leaders assist La Leche League Canada to continue its tradition of providing breastfeeding education opportunities to Health Professionals. 
  • Leaders share information about our services at medical conferences where Health Professionals appreciate meeting LLLC Leaders, seeing our information, and discovering how LLLC can be a partner in supporting their clients. 
  • Leader media team is responsive and provides fact based information about breastfeeding and La Leche League Canada. 
  • Leaders help Leaders through LLLC's Professional Liaison Department, Leader Department, Leader Accreditation Department, Communications, and our website. 
  • Leaders contribute over 35,000 volunteer hours each year in direct service to breastfeeding families. 
  • Leaders support over 100,000 pregnant women and new mothers each year through one-to-one helping by telephone and e-mail, community outreach events, and monthly meetings. 
  • Leaders are an incredible value to families, estimated to be worth approximately $875,000 annually to the Canadian economy. 

Thank you to our wonderful, dedicated Leaders!

Thank You to Leaders

Dear Leaders,

The Board of Directors of La Leche League Canada is grateful and would like to thank each and every one of the dedicated, committed, compassionate Leaders who are the backbone of our organization. 

The work that you do to help mothers and babies breastfeed is so very much appreciated.  There is no better way to say thank you than to share this with you: 

L - Lovingly sharing the joys of breastfeeding

E - Exceptional in her desire to help

A - Always ready with a compassionate smile

D - Determined to educate, encourage and support

E - Experienced and knowledgeable breastfeeding mother

R - Ready to share information, support and encouragement to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals 

Thank you for being a part of La Leche League Canada with us.

The LLLC Board of Directors

Leader and nursing mother


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