LLLC - Penticton / Summerland

This LLLC Group Typically Meets: 
3rd Tuesday of the month
Next Meeting Date/Time: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 10:00am
Next Meeting Topic: 
Other (see below)
Meeting For: 
Everyone welcome: parents and supporters
The Importance of Breastfeeding
Meeting Location: 
Cannery Trade Centre, Penticton
1475 Fairview Rd, Unit 137D
V2A 7J3 Penticton , BC
49° 28' 57.9864" N, 119° 35' 39.8652" W
British Columbia CA
LLLC Leader(s): 
Sandra Yates
Contact Phone: 

Come by for monthly breastfeeding information and support in PENTICTON on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 10 am to noon.

2020 Dates:  January 21, NO get-together in February, March 17, April 21, May 19, June 16, etc.

JANUARY 21 get-together: "The Importance of Breastfeeding"

Location: Cannery Trade Center, 1475 Fairview Rd, Unit 137D, Penticton (Okanagan Doulas office). Near the Fairview Rd entrance - look for the OK Doulas and LLLC signs. Okanagan Doulas have kindly given us use of their office space for our meetings, for which we are most grateful.

Breastfeeding information and support for all pregnant and breastfeeding moms and babies, parenting partners welcome too, no such thing as late. Depending on the needs of the group we could start with a brief discussion on why breastfeeding is important to you, your baby, your family and heck - the whole world - and then go on to WHATEVER ELSE you want to talk about and of course learn some new things from each other along the way.

Bring all your breastfeeding questions, concerns, joys and tips. Come join us and connect with others who are interested in breastfeeding and parenting, just like you. You will find breastfeeding information, new ideas, questions to ponder, love, humour and support. Your experience is so much more important to others than you might appreciate - exchanging thoughts and sharing your lived experience is one of the things that makes meeting your peers face-to-face such a valuable experience. Moms find that just being in the room with other breastfeeding moms pretty much guarantees you will pick up more than you thought possible.

LLLC gatherings are open to breastfeeding parents from all backgrounds, family structures, gender, and sexual orientations. Babies and parenting partners are always welcome. Pregnant mamas find it helpful to attend at least one get-together before the baby comes.

Sandra Yates, LLLC Accredited Leader: 250-494-1894 sandra.yates@lllc.ca Connect anytime if you need more information about the get-together or if you have any questions about breastfeeding.

EMAIL If you would like to receive monthly get-together reminders by email, please send an email to pentictonlllc@gmail.com and ask to be added to the email reminder list. If you come to a meeting you will automatically be added to this list unless you ask otherwise. When you are ready to be removed from the list please send a quick email and I will be happy to do that.

FACEBOOK Our local, closed, Facebook group is "Penticton/Summerland LLLC" and you are welcome to send a request to join. Here you will find announcements of local Group events, blog posts and other breastfeeding information - another way to keep tabs on what we are up to!


LLLC meetings - You are always welcome to attend LLLC meetings before and after you have welcomed your baby. Bring your breastfeeding/chestfeeding questions and concerns, talk about your joys and challenges or come and just listen. Babies and young children are always welcome, and some Groups include father/partners and support persons in some or all of their meetings. 
All La Leche League Canada Leaders are volunteers. They are experienced breastfeeding/chestfeeding parents who have been accredited to provide up-to-date breastfeeding/chestfeeding information, encouragement and support.

For More Information: Contact a local La Leche League Leader in the Find a Group/Leader section.

If you have received help from La Leche League, we would appreciate your support in the form of a donation so we can continue to help others breastfeed. Thank you!


To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society