LLLC - West Coast Mandarin Prenatal Breastfeeding Class (Virtual) 西海岸国语母乳喂养产前课(网上授课)

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LLLC Prenatal Breastfeeding Class in Mandarin 母乳喂养产前课
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Julia Chen
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Langley BC

49.1041779, -122.6603519


您怀孕了吗?想学习如何成功母乳喂养吗?Are you pregnant? Do you want to learn about successful breastfeeding?

由加拿大母乳会认证的母乳辅导员提供的母乳产前课可以帮到你 Prenatal breastfeeding classes for you and your partner or supporter delivered by nationally accredited La Leche League Canada Leaders (breastfeeding educators)

8月28日 @ 1:00PM - 3:30PM 西部时间 August 28 class run @ 1:00PM - 3:30PM PDT 

加入我们来了解: • 母乳喂养对父母,婴儿,家庭和社区的好处 • 避免与克服母乳相关的困难 • 优化哺乳姿势和衔乳 • 适应产后生活—母乳宝宝 • 母乳宝宝的正常行为 Join us to learn about: • The advantages of breastfeeding for parents, baby, family, and community • Avoiding and overcoming difficulties • Optimizing positioning and latch • Adjusting to life with a breastfed baby - Normal breastfeeding behavior.

课程由义工母乳辅导员免费提供,但需要注册才能收到课程的登录信息。请通过这里注册。欢迎通过捐赠来支持加拿大母乳会为当地和加拿大各地的家庭提供免费的母乳喂养支持服务,谢谢您的支持!There is no fee for this class but registration is required in order to receive the class's login information. Please register HERE. Donations are always welcome to support LLLC to continue offering volunteer services to families locally and all across Canada. Thank you!

如果对课程有任何问题请电邮Julia @julia.chen@lllc.ca. if you have any questions about this class, please email Julia @julia.chen@lllc.ca

也欢迎参加西海岸国语小组的每月聚会来和母乳喂养的妈妈们分享喂养经历 West Coast Mandarin Group also host monthly group meeting for all breastfeeding parents and their supporters. 

Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes: Available at no cost to pregnant individuals who are wanting more information.

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