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Every Drop Counts donation campaign request with graphic novel image styling of families, mothers, and babies breastfeeding.


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Every drop counts is our campaign to achieve more monthly donors to maintain the foundation of services that allow LLLC Groups to focus on serving the families in their community and getting every drop of human milk they can to the babies of those families. Thank you for considering La Leche League Canada for your donation efforts this year.


Follow the social media campaign story below; #EveryDropCounts

Asian mother and child with caption 'I want to say thank you for the help that we received....'Caucasian mother breastfeeding newborn with the caption 'Have you thought about becoming a monthly donor?' East Asian mother holding baby in a sling with the caption 'Our goal is to increase our monthly donor base by 20% this year. There are many ways monthly donors help...'Caucasian mother tandem breastfeeding twins with the caption '$25 per month funds the National phone line; 1-800-665-4324 which got me support for the twins.'Mothers and children sitting in a group with the caption 'As a non profit volunteer run organisation, monthly donations help us plan for the year by securing....'Parents and mothers with children and babies sitting in a room with the caption '....this meeting space for $35 per month.'Asian mother and father sitting close with father holding infant and the caption 'Our monthly donation helps to fund day to day operations so our local Leaders can focus more on supporting families in our community.'Caucasian mother, father, and infant sitting together with the caption '$20 per month purchases new books and resources for our group library.'Caucasian grandmother reclined while holding mixed race Caucasian Asian baby and the caption 'Monthly donations help to ensure the longevity of the organisation so that La Leche League Canada is around for my grandchildren.'Mixed race Asian mother laying awake in bed breastfeeding a sleeping infant with a toddler beside them asleep in bed and the caption '$10 per month is less than a cup of coffee per day and funds....'Caucasian mother breastfeeding toddler outdoors on a log with the thought bubble caption '....hopefully more snacks at meetings for me.'Caucasian mother with an arm tattoo in a hospital bed skin to skin cuddling with her newborn baby and the caption 'At the end of the year I will receive a tax receipt for my total monthly donations.'LGBTQI Caucasian couple laying awake smiling with baby awake in bed between them and the caption 'The resources available for non nursing parents helps me support my partner.'African American mother smiling and holding her newborn baby close to her face with the caption 'Thank you for considering La Leche League Canada for your donation efforts this year. Your support builds and sustains the foundation of our organisation. Welcome to all of our new monthly donors.'

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To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society