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Media Statement: La Leche League Canada's response to C Jung's book "Lactivism:" (Nov 11 2015)

Media Statement: Eligibility to apply for LLL leadership (April 2014)

La Leche League International's Media Release in response to Carpenter et al's sleep article. (May 22, 2013)

Press Release: Breastmilk Banks (March 28 2013)

Press Release: La Leche League Canada Releases New Short Film (July 26, 2011)

Press Release: La Leche League Canada Comments on Health Canada's Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants Recommendations (April 2011)

Press Release: Breastfeeding in Emergency and Disaster Situations (March 12 2011)

Press Release: La Leche League Canada PSA starring Sitara Hewitt released (January 30, 2011)

Press Release: Sitara Hewitt filming PSA in September 2010 to help other breastfeeding mothers find help and support (September 17, 2010)

Press Release: Sitara Hewitt Stars as a Breastfeeding Mother (May 4, 2010)

Press Release: Breastfeed Your Child for H1N1 Protection (November 12, 2009)

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Thanks to Jodine Chase for giving permission to share this blog about keeping...
Jan 13 2018 - 7:30pm

La Leche League Canada issues statement on Nestle Nutrition, LLLI and the...
Nov 27 2017 - 9:17pm

Annual General Meeting of La Leche League Canada Will be held on Saturday,...
Sep 3 2017 - 1:06pm