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There are as many ways to be a mother as there are mothers and almost as many ways to breastfeed. We hope you will find postings here that resonate with you, inform you or get you thinking. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Finding La Leche League Canada

I think I was a lot like many new moms. I read a lot while I was pregnant but I had never seen anyone nurse her baby. I read about La Leche League but I didn’t know there were meetings nearby. LLL was so famous that it seemed more like a legend than something I would find in my little town.

A few things surprised me when I got to breastfeed for real. I was pretty impressed with how well my body performed--creating a baby from scratch and then sorting out how to feed her.  I had read about breast anatomy, the whole alveoli clusters idea, but I was really surprised to find that my milk came out in several thin streams.

I found out about that when my milk let down when my daughter was a couple of weeks old and she came off my breast for a minute and milk sprayed out. I guess I expected it to be like a bottle nipple with milk coming out one hole.  In fact there are 9-15 holes in the end of each nipple. Each cluster of milk producing alveoli leads to a separate stream. So each stream is really tiny, but taken together it makes a lot of milk!

Of course I found that there was LLLC in my little town and it wasn’t long before I attended my first meeting!

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