Planned Giving


Leave a bequest for the future generations that will need the support of LLLC and its Leaders... Wendy and family

Planned giving is often something that we put off for the future just as we sometimes do with other important but non-urgent tasks. Please take time to consider leaving a legacy for the future.

Wendy says:

"Now I am the grandmother of two dear little grandsons and a darling granddaughter born to our first child, our daughter Meredith. I think often of what life will be like for them in the future when they begin to plan families of their own and I hope that they will be able to find a La Leche League Canada Leader and Group nearby to support, encourage and provide information for them as they welcome new babies into their lives and grow together as a family."

By remembering La Leche League Canada in your estate planning, you are helping to create a healthy future for mothers and babies -- for all of us!


  • a bequest to La Leche League Canada in your will is one of the most popular ways to leave a legacy

  • you decide whether you would prefer to leave a set amount or a percentage of your estate, after all of your dependents and creditors have been looked after

Stocks or Mutual Funds

  • talk to your financial planner or broker to find out if a donation of stocks or securities to La Leche League Canada would be a good fit for your tax planning needs

Life Insurance

  • naming La Leche League Canada as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy can provide short and long-term income tax benefits

  • designating La Leche League Canada as the beneficiary or partial-beneficiary of an employer-paid life insurance policy is a simple way to begin your planned giving -- contact your employer's human resources department to find out more about this option


  • you can name La Leche League Canada as the residual beneficiary of a retirement savings plan

If you or your lawyer or financial planner would like more information about making a planned gift to La Leche League Canada, please contact us at

If you have already included LLLC in your estate planning, we thank you!  We recommend that you keep a copy of our planned giving brochure with your will.

For more information about planned giving, visit the Leave a Legacy Canada website.

Please note:  The planned giving information on this website is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as a substititue for professional advice. We recommend that you discuss your estate planning with your lawyer and financial advisor.

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