Registration Open for Communication Skills Course!

Registration open for CSD

Are you interested in improving how you communicate with and support breastfeeding families? REGISTRATION is now OPEN!

La Leche League Canada is proud to offer our Communication Skills for to Empower Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding and Human Milk Feeding Families course! This is offered entirely online and includes 6 hours of instruction and practice led by experienced instructors. This interactive course will give IBCLCs, health providers, communicty workers and peer supporters an opportunity to learn about and practise effective, empathetic, and empowering communication skills.
6 L-CERPs have been allocated by IBLCE for this course for those who have not previously taken the Communication Skills for Breastfeeding Support course. 
IBLCE verification number: C2002448

For information about communication skills development for Leaders and Leader Applicants, please visit the Communication Skills Department.