Sharing Bathtime

I had my first baby in February in Montreal and I can tell you the whole house was freezing. She cried when I bathed her in the kitchen and even when I turned up the heat in the bathroom. I didn’t want bath time to be a bad experience, so I thought about what I could do to make it better.

When I brought her in the tub with me, I wondered what other people would think, but she loved it! I made the room warm, made the water deep and held her on my lap. It was relaxing for both of us! When she was very little and couldn’t hold up her head, she was a very slippery little bundle. I needed to hand her up to her dad before I could get out of the tub. He stood there with a towel and started to dry her while I stood up. We played with toys when she was a toddler and later we brought in her baby sister--who never went in the countertop tub. And they still like to hop in a nice warm bath before bed!


Baby bathing in sink


When my daughter was first born, we had a tough time learning to nurse. Those were the longest couple of weeks of my life!

One thing that really worked for us was nursing in the bath. It was a great suggestion from a friend in La Leche League.

We both felt warm and relaxed, and I could leak all over and it didn't matter. Just had to watch out and try to catch her little poops!

Like Cynthia's daughter, my now eight-year-old still takes a bath every night to relax before bed.

It took me until my third kid (and being desperate to shower regularly) to discover how easy and fun bathing with my baby can be. When she was small, we had a water sling and I would pop her in and we'd have our shower. These days she's 21 months and anytime she hears the shower running she gets excited!

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