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Calling all supporters of breastfeeding!

Are you a parent, partner, grandparent, friend, relative, or health professional who believes in the value of breastfeeding? Do you look forward to living in a world where every family’s breastfeeding goals can be reached?

That is La Leche League Canada’s dream too and to help make that dream a reality: our incredible volunteers contribute over 35,000 hours each year to support over 100,000 pregnant and new parents in Canada. Connect with us as an “LLLC Friend” and show your support for our work. Stand with us as we uphold the importance of breastfeeding in Canada. Together, we can demonstrate to governments, granting agencies and others how Canadians value the health and community benefits of feeding babies human milk.

We offer 3 ways for you to join:

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Whichever option you choose, we thank you for joining LLLC Friends and showing your ongoing support of breastfeeding!