Thursday's Tip: In Celebration of Dads and other great guys

This is the week when the focus is on Dad. In many breastfeeding families dad plays a huge role in helping breastfeeding get off to a good start and supporting the breastfeeding parent. To find out more about what breastfeeding has to do with fathers check out our blog post from last year.

There are also many other great guys who can support a breastfeeding parent:

Partners of any designation are always going to be important because they are there with you on a day-to-day basis and especially when the middle of the night self-doubts hit.

Grandpas can be great too. They often love having the time to spend with your child that they didn’t have available when you or your partner was little.

Uncles are known as the “fun guys” by most children but they can also be there to lend a hand or give a morale boost when you need support from someone who has known you for a very long time.

Maybe you have guy friends who are as close as brothers. Recruit them to your team too. Your little one can never have too many good men in his or her life.

And if you are someone who is feeling left out this week because the guys (or girls) in your life aren’t stepping up to be your breastfeeding cheerleaders and parenting supporters check “Nurturing the New Nurturer: Doing it by Yourself” in Breastfeeding Today.

Remember when you need breastfeeding support or just someone to talk to who “gets” breastfeeding in all its funny, silly, challenging, exciting or frustrating moments La Leche League Leaders are here for you. Find a Leader near you at

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