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There are as many ways to be a mother as there are mothers and almost as many ways to breastfeed. We hope you will find postings here that resonate with you, inform you or get you thinking. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Why does celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week in Canada matter?

Taleah Clarke, a La Leche League Leader in Toronto and the mother of three boys ages 5, 2 and 2 months, shares her story;  

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National Volunteer Week 2018 ran from April 15-April 22: the theme was the "value of volunteering" and we have so very much to celebrate at La Leche League Canada. Here are some of the many Leaders that we celebrated this National Volunteer Week... Read more

I am exhausted. My baby is sick. Fevered, fussy, can't put her down--nursing, nursing, nursing. She is sleeping in my arms, her hair matted to her forehead with perspiration--every once in a while she whimpers softly. Poor baby, poor me. I... Read more

Nursing through pregnancy; is it possible?

When a woman finds out she is pregnant and she is already nursing a little one both she and others may question whether nursing during the pregnancy should continue.

Most mothers find that... Read more

Emily nursing

Weathering Through the Storm of Parenting in an Interracial Marriage... Read more

If our breastfeeding hopes or intentions don’t come to fruition, we can struggle with various feelings. One author looks at steps which can help mothers understand the root of their feelings and give them tools to taking steps forward to deal... Read more

Travelling with your breastfed baby should be less of an ordeal and more of an experience. Read more about one mother's experience in today's blog... Read more

Is it necessary to wean before having a medical diagnostic scan or x-ray? In most situations, weaning is not necessary. Read more in today's blog... Read more

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