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There are as many ways to be a mother as there are mothers and almost as many ways to breastfeed. We hope you will find postings here that resonate with you, inform you or get you thinking. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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What is the one thing only mothers can do to help reduce landfill waste, preserve valued energy, and help prevent deforestation? Breastfeed their children.

As people from around the globe commemorate "Earth Day," on April 22nd human milk... Read more

You know that La Leche League Canada provides breastfeeding support because that is what got you reading this page but do you know what happens when a mother contacts LLLC?

A mother can access the support of a La Leche League Canada Leader... Read more

When my oldest children were small, people were often surprised that they didn’t have a blanket or stuffed animal which went everywhere with them. As someone who had just taken a lot of university developmental psychology courses I was also a bit... Read more

In Canada human milk banks are not for profit organizations. Donor mothers donate their milk for philanthropic reasons and are never paid for their donation. In some cases families may receive payment to cover the costs of shipping and storage... Read more

If you are celebrating St Patrick’s Day, wearing your green shirt with your baby in a green outfit, while you are sitting snuggled up breastfeeding you may wonder whether mothers in Ireland are also breastfeeding.

You may be surprised to... Read more

A galactogogue is not a character from a science fiction movie but what we know about them comes from scientific research. Galactogogues are substances which promote lactation; they can be plant-based or man-made. A galactogogue may be considered... Read more

Articles about breastfeeding books and breastfeeding research appear in the various forms of media on a regular basis. Sometimes they are reporting on the results of studies and sometimes they are opinion pieces. Whether the reports come from... Read more

Babies who are exclusively breastfeeding have a different pattern of sucking than that of babies who are exclusively bottle fed according to a 2010 study. We know that the... Read more

 It is not surprising that breastfeeding, which is hormonally driven, would have an impact on sexuality which is also hormonally driven; however, many new parents aren’t prepared for the effect that having a new baby can have on their desire... Read more

Every couple of months there is an article in a magazine or newspaper, a viral blog post, a book or a YouTube video whose underlying purpose seems to be to create division amongst mothers over the way their babies are feed. This division has been... Read more

To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society