Spring 2023 Healthcare Professionals Workshop

2023 HPC

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Presentations and speaker bios

Ashley Day
This talk will weave together some of the findings of my Doctoral Research that examined health and wellbeing through a decolonial lens. The focus of the conversation will centre around two Anishnaabek the concepts of health and wellbeing. The first, Mamidosewin, will honour the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual as foundational concepts of health for ‘living the good life.’ The second, Wiisokotaattiwin (coming together for a purpose) will discuss the various ways in which relationships of reciprocity and responsibility are required to live in wellbeing with ourselves, others, the lands, and all things. Wiisokotaattiwin (coming together for a purpose) will also serve to share my breastfeeding journey and how this became powerful relationship of empowerment and reclamation of my body and culture, and one that facilitated healing through immense times of grief and loss. Please join me in gathering together for the purposes of connection, celebration, and reclamation.

Ashley Day is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health at York University. She has both Dene/English ancestries, her traditional territories are located in the Sahtu Region of Northwest Territories where she is a registered member of the Norman Wells Métis. Ashley holds an Advanced Diploma in Sport Management from Durham College. She is a graduate from York University holding a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Honours Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Arts (M.A.) in Kinesiology and Health Science. Ashley more recently completed her PhD in Policy Studies program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her research examines how diverse Indigenous knowledges, worldviews, and experiences can decolonize health and physical education policies and curricula for the future. Ashley’s work is concerned with building relationships that nurtures Indigenous knowledges, reinforces positive notions of Indigenous identities, and further recognizes the diversity of Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and worldviews.

This presentation will open up attendees to thoughtful conversations about various inclusion topics within lactation support. Whether you are just beginning your journey to inclusionary support or have years of experience, this presentation can open healthy dialogue.

Nikki is a LLLC Leader and chair of the EDI Committee within LLLC. She is not an expert, but offers insightful questions to open up minds and hearts.

K. mitchell
We will review the pathophysiologic spectrum of inflammatory conditions affecting the lactating breast in the mastitis spectrum. We start with discussing hyperlactation ("oversupply") and will transition into exploring non-infectious and infectious mastitis, and abscess development in the setting of massage and untreated hyperlactation. We will also detail the identification and treatment of galactocele and lactational phlegmon. The goal is for lactation consultants (LC) to identify when these conditions may be presenting in a patient they are evaluating, and to understand when to refer patients to a medical provider for further intervention and care. We will review risk factors for these conditions and how LCs, within their scope of practice, can help prevent progression of complications. These include techniques such as gentle lymphatic drainage and other supportive measures such as reducing excessive pumping.

In addition to being active in surgery and oncology societies, Dr. Mitchell speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to complications of lactation and the intersection of breast cancer care, surgery, and lactation. She developed a course on breastfeeding medicine for breast surgeons; in addition to offering this course at conferences, she is working to develop online modules for health care providers to complete at home.

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$75 - Regular Price
$50 - Alumni, Leader Applicant or LLL Leader (non LLLC)
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