Information for Parents

All LLLC information sheets have been written and reviewed by a team of La Leche League Canada Leaders who are also International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs).

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About Human Milk: Nutrition, Environmental Issues and Health

Baby Health Issues

Being a Breastfeeding Mother, Parent and Family

Beyond the Early Months: Solids, Biting, Nursing Older Ones, Nursing Strikes, Weaning and More

Breast and Nipple Pain

Getting Ready and Breastfeeding in the Early Days

Babywearing and Breastfeeding
Breast Engorgement   
Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy
Breastfeeding Tools
Caring for Your Newborn and Your Toddler - Helpful Tips
Cesarean Birth (c-section) and Breastfeeding (printable pdf)

Delaying Baby's First Bath Helps With Breastfeeding
Establishing Your Milk Supply 
Fussy Baby Ideas   
Hand Expression  (pdf tear sheet from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding)
Growth of a Breastfed Baby
Growth Spurts and Frequent-Feeding Days

How Partners and Supporters Can Help 
How to Express Colostrum Prenatally (pdf)
How to Know Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk (pdf)
Newborn Baby Hands - What Are They Trying to Tell You
Newborns Have Small Stomachs   
Nipple Shields
Pee, Poo and Weight Gain (Chart)  
Poops and Pees (pdf version)
Positioning and Latching  
Quick Tips - Positioning and Latching

Prenatal Colostrum Expression
Preparing to Breastfeed 
Quick Tips - Positioning and Latching

Skin-to-Skin Care 
Sleep and the Breastfeeding Family
Safe Sleep 7 
Talking to the Grandparents 
The First Hours After Birth - The Nine Instinctive Stages
The Sounds of Breastfeeding 
The Witching Hours   
Tips to Help You Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals
To New Grandparents: 10 Things You Can Do To Support Breastfeeding  
Vitamin D and the Breastfed Baby  

Why Do Babies Cry?

Story: My First LLL Meeting 
Story: Baby-Led Latching

Story: Babies Know a Lot About Breastfeeding  
Story: What Normal Babies Do

Baby Feeding Cues  from Queensland Health, Australia.
Laid-Back Breastfeeding Position from Biological Nurturing
Physiologic Infant Care:Supporting breastfeeding, sleep, and well-being
Positioning  (video)
Skin to Skin (video)

Expressing and Storing Milk

Lifestyle Questions: Eating, Drinking, Working Outside the Home, Travelling, Holidays and More

Milk Supply Issues: Too Much and Not Enough

Mother and Parent Health Issues

Other Languages (Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese,Ukrainian)

Pregnancy, Fertility and Sex