10 Boobtacular Tips



• Get off to a good start with skin-to-skin care and early, frequent “boob” feedings.

• If it hurts, seek help from La Leche League before the gremlins arrive.

• Don’t miss ghostly outings with friends or family, take baby with you.

• Lack of sleep makes us ghoulish. Sleep when your baby sleeps.

• Witches know the importance of support from other witches. Seek support from others: mothers, parents, La Leche League, family, friends and healthcare professionals.

• Partners bond with babies by holding, playing, changing diapers, giving baths, babywearing and taking them trick or treating with big brother and sister.

• The bewitching hours fly by when baby is sleeping near you.

• Weaning is scary for babies. Spells don’t work, so let your child decide when to wean. It will definitely be before your teen starts dating.

• Beware of breastfeeding vampires. Say NO to biting and take your child off the breast.

• Enjoy your new little being even when they act like a werewolf!


Thank you to Linda Wieser, and LLLC Leader, for putting together these fun and spooky tips!



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