By LLLC Blog, 11 November, 2021

Tales from the Sea
With Remembrance Day fast approaching, I'm reminded of those in the military service who are away from their families. I served in the Coast Guard for 15 years. As a paramilitary member, we could be called into service for Canada if needed.

By LLLC Blog, 1 November, 2021

Where I'll be
This is us right now. Our days our busy; sometimes chaotic, always loud. There are six of us in a small rented house we’ve made our home. We’re always on top of each other, limbs tangled in a pile on the floor. We talk over each other. We never agree on dinner.

By LLLC Blog, 27 October, 2021

Biting Baby
Some babies never bite during a feed, others may do it once or twice and the occasional baby seems to go through a biting phase.