Thursday's Tip: Breastfeeding and Diabetes Prevention

You know breastfeeding provides the nutrition your baby needs. You know that if he wasn’t breastfed he’d have more colds, viruses, infections. But do you know that by breastfeeding you are helping to ward off diseases that could affect him for the rest of his life?

Thursday's Tip: Waste Reduction through Breastfeeding

October 19-25th is Waste Reduction Week in Canada. As a breastfeeding parent you are already doing reducing the amount of resources used by your family and limiting the waste produced by your household. This year's theme for Waste Reduction week is “Too Good to Waste” which certainly applies to your breastmilk!

So how does breastfeeding save resources and limit waste production?

Thursday's Tip: Out and about with your breastfed baby

As the weather gets colder cabin fever can start to set in. Mothers with new babies start to think about going out to the mall or other public places to have a change of scenery. Some mothers worry about how they will handle breastfeeding if baby gets hungry while they are away from home.

Here are some suggestions and tips from our friends at La Leche League Great Britain.

Thursday's Tip: World Breastfeeding Week tool kit for businesses wanting to support breastfeeding employees and clients

As we wind up the week of celebrations of World Breastfeeding Week (Oct 1-7 in Canada) LLLC is pleased to share a link to some great tools for businesses who want to increase their knowledge about breastfeeding and to better support breastfeeding clients and employees. This year the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has chosen the theme “Breastfeeding and Work - Let’s make it work!" Whether a woman is working at home or in an office, paid or volunteering, having support to breastfeed in the way she wants is vitally important.

From the Nova Scotia Provincial Website:

Thursday's Tip: How topping up with a bottle can undermine breastfeeding & what to do instead.

When new mothers are finding breastfeeding challenging there are often people around them who will suggest “topping up” with a bottle as the solution to any and all breastfeeding issues. When baby is crying and mum is crying and everyone is hungry and nobody has slept well for a few days giving a top up bottle after breastfeeding might feel like a reasonable plan. Understanding how giving a top up bottle can undermine breastfeeding and having some alternative strategies to try can get you through that dark moment.

Thursday's Tip: Keeping an older child happy while you are nursing a new baby

Nothing is more lovely than the luxury of breastfeeding your first baby but finding the same time for the following baby, or babies, can be prove tricky. Whilst you can get used to nursing at the same time as standing in the park and overseeing play, there are many times when more restful nursing is needed by both mom and or baby. Toddlers may still need lots of help or not be able to understand quite why mom is so busy suddenly. Children of any age can feel left out. So how do you balance both?

Thursday's Tip: Breastfeeding in Cold and Flu Season

As winter approaches, and “flu season” (October – May) hits, encouragements to get a flu vaccination are everywhere. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or mothering small children may be especially concerned about what they should do. It is encouraging to remember that breastfeeding offers your baby protection from all respiratory infections in both specific (antibodies) and non-specific ways. The decision to vaccinate or not should be made in consultation with your health care practitioner.

Thursday's Tip: Should you mix human milk with formula?

The Canadian and American Pediatric Associations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and then the slow introduction of complementary foods while continuing to breastfeed for a year or longer. Exclusive breastfeeding means nothing but breastmilk; no water, no juice and no formula. Many mothers are happy to know that their breastmilk is all baby needs in the first six months but other mothers may consider supplementing with formula for a variety of reasons. Those mothers may have questions about whether it is okay to mix formula into their breastmilk.

Thursday's Tip: Breastmilk as medicine?

If you have hung out with a group of breastfeeding mothers for any length of time, or searched around the internet, you will have heard someone suggest using breastmilk as a cure for rashes or eye infections or any number of other childhood maladies. Is this just crazy talk or is there science to back up using breastmilk as medicine?

To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society