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Welcome to LLLC AB NWT.  At this time there are no in-person LLLC Meetings in NWT.  However, Leaders in Alberta provide a number of options for virtual support Group Meetings. Please feel free to join a virtual meeting for breastfeeding information, support and to meet other breastfeeding/chest feeding families.

This Canadian virtual meeting calendar provides options for all across Canada. You are welcome to choose any time that works best for you at:

To find an LLLC Group in Alberta (MST) for a virtual meeting you can also check here.

And if you wish to speak in person to one of our trained volunteers for support or information, please call the helpline listed above. 1-888-525-3243

Healthcare professionals and students wanting to attend will need to reach out to the Leader of the Group in advance. Registration will need to be completed prior to attending.
Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes: Available at no cost to pregnant individuals and their partner/support person.

LLLC Virtual Meetings Calendar: Looking for support, visit the calendar for more information.

LLLC meetings information: Some Groups are hosting in-person gatherings, others are hosting virtual meetings or a combination of both. Please check with your local Group for more details.
Please visit our Resource Section for information sheets.