West Coast Mandarin 西海岸国语 (网上聚会)

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Julia Chen
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Last Tuesday of the month
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Pacific Time
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Vancouver BC

49.2827291, -123.1207375


因为义工有限,每月聚会暂停。如果需要母乳支持,请通过短信或电邮联系义工母乳辅导员 Monthly meeting is currently on hold due to limited Leader capacity. For information and support, please contact the Leader via email or text.

加拿大母乳会提供的所有母乳喂养支持都是免费的,但欢迎通过捐赠来支持加拿大母乳会为当地和加拿大各地的家庭提供志愿服务。谢谢您的支持! LLLC supports are free but donations are always welcome. Thank you!

西海岸国语小组每两个月会有一次产前课, 具体时间及信息请通过这里了解 West Coast Mandarin Group offers prenatal class on bimonthly basis. Detailed information can be found here.

加拿大母乳会中文资料可以在“Information for parents" 页面上 "Information in Other Languages" 中找到。 LLLC Chinese resources can be found under the "Information in Other Language" tab on the "Information for parents" page. 

Healthcare professionals and students wanting to attend will need to reach out to the Leader of the Group in advance. Registration will need to be completed prior to attending.
Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes: Available at no cost to pregnant individuals and their partner/support person.

LLLC Virtual Meetings Calendar: Looking for support, visit the calendar for more information.

LLLC meetings information: Some Groups are hosting in-person gatherings, others are hosting virtual meetings or a combination of both. Please check with your local Group for more details.
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