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Breastfeeding & Parenting Videos

Breastfeeding: More than Good Nutrition by Teresa Pitman  Click here

Sweet Sleep by Teresa Pitman  Click here

Father Style by Brian Russel from Dad Central   Click here

Breastfeeding Mothers by LLL Canada  Click here

Breastfeeding: Give it a Go by ACT Health in Australia  Click here

Mothering Through Breastfeeding by LLLC Atlantic Canada  Click here and scroll to bottom of page.


Breastfeeding Information Sheets

LLLC Information Sheets are available here . You are welcome to download and to share with friends and clients.


Best For Babies: Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

These breastfeeding classes have been specially developed to meet the needs of expectant parents and are facilitated by accredited La Leche League Leaders. For more information please click here: Best For Babies Classes


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions here. You may find answers to your questions there.


Contacting a Leader

If you need specific information about a breastfeeding problem, please contact a La Leche League Leader to discuss your situation. You will find Groups organized by province under the "Get Help" tab. If there is no local Leader you can also submit an on-line help-form from this page.


LLLC Blogs

La Leche League Canada has one active blog and two archived blogs:


LLL Publications

Check out the Canadian, US and International publications of interest to breastfeeding families. Some have now become blogs. Use the Publications tab in the left hand menu.


Breastfeeding & Breastmilk Information Articles

This collection of older articles may be of interest. Please be aware that information changes over time.

How can LLLC provide support to you? What happens at an LLLC meeting? Take a minute to watch our PSA video, then click on Get Help for contact information of an LLLC Leader and the Group meeting information nearest you!


Breastfeeding and Family Life


Personal Breastfeeding Stories (if you would like to share your breastfeeding story please e-mail us at


Non-LLL Resources

Here are some documents and links to resources you might find useful. Inclusion of resources and links does not imply endorsement of the material or organization by LLLC.



To encourage, promote and provide breastfeeding, chest feeding and human milk feeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society